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Variateurs brushless

Compact servo drives

SMD series – Smart Motion Drive

General information

SMD230 presentation
SMD400 presentation

Technical documentation

SMD230 installation guide
SMD400 installation guide
Quick start guide
Asynchronous mode guide
Stepper mode guide

Auto-tuning guide

Plug incremental encoder with Open Collector output
USB driver installation


Drive Studio v1.5.2 software (21,7 Mo)
Drive Studio v1.5.1 software (21,7 Mo)
Drive Studio v1.5.0 software (21,7 Mo)
Drive Studio v1.4.9 software (21,7 Mo)
Drive Studio v1.4.8 software (21,7 Mo)
Drive Studio v1.4.7 software (21,7 Mo)
Drive Studio v1.4.4 software (21,7 Mo)
Drive Studio v1.4.2 software (21,7 Mo)
Drive Studio v1.4.1 software (21,7 Mo)
Drive Studio v1.4.0 software (23,8 Mo)
Drive Studio v1.3.5 software (23,7 Mo)
Drive Studio v1.3.4 software (23,7 Mo)
Drive Studio v1.3.3 software (23,7 Mo)
Drive Studio v1.3.0 software (23,7 Mo)
Drive Studio v1.2.1 software (24,5 Mo)
Drive Studio v1.2.0 software (24,5 Mo
Drive Studio v1.1.0 software (21,7 Mo)
Drive Studio v1.0.3 software (17,4 Mo)


Communication manual
MPC axis controler connection tutorial
OMRON PLC EtherCAT connection tutorial

CAO – 3D drawing

.stp file of SMD230-01
.stp file ofSMD230-02
.stp file ofSMD230-05
.stp file ofSMD400-04
.stp file ofSMD400-08

IMD series servo drives

IMD series – Intelligent Motion Drive

General information

IMD presentation
IMDL presentation
IMDC presentation
Safety Option
Modbus Option
IMD drives solutions for machine manufacturers

Technical documentation

IMDL installation guide
IMD installation guide
IMD20 installation guide
IMD40 installation guide
IMDC installation guide
TCP option installation guide
SAFETY option installation guide
IMD backup procedure
I/O wiring accessory

MEMORY STICK IMD backup procedure

Updating the operating system

Loading the operating system

Homing in torque mode
iDPL software user manual
Checking the correct operation of the Mechanical / Servomotor assembly

Softwares for IMD(L)

iDPL v3.51 software (16,3 Mo)
iDPL v3.50 software (16,3 Mo)
iDPL v3.39 software (16,4 Mo)
iDPL v3.38 software (16,6 Mo)
iDPL v3.37 software (16,6 Mo)
iDPL v3.35 software (15,6 Mo)
iDPL v3.31 software (16,4 Mo)
iDPL v3.28 software (16,1 Mo)
iDPL v3.26 software (16,1 Mo)
iDPL v3.06 software (10,5 Mo)
iDPL v3.01 software (10,5 Mo)

Softwares for IMDC

iDPL v5.16 software (15,4 Mo)

CAO – 3D drawing

.stp file of IMDC

MD series servo drives

MD series – Motion Drive

General information

MD Presentation
MD drives solutions for machine manufacturers

Technical documentation

MD installation guide
I/O wiring accessory
MD backup procedure
MD drive homing setup
DPL software user manual
Checking the correct operation of the Mechanical / Servomotor assembly


DPL v1.0.14.2 software (10,3 Mo)
DPL v1.0.14.1 software (10,3 Mo)
DPL v1.0.13.2 software (10,3 Mo)
DPL v1.0.12.3 software (5,7 Mo)
DPL v1.0.11 software (5,7 Mo)
DPL v1.0.10.16 software (5,6 Mo)
DPL v1.0.09 software (5,2 Mo)

ARS series servo drives

ARS series

General information


Technical documentation

Installation and user guide